Completed Projects

  • Completion of the boundary wall
  • Initially the priority was to refurbish the existing, burned out classrooms and supply desks, chairs and text books for all the children.
  • Extensive building works followed  -
    • A two storey building for science, home economics and computer studies was built and equipped.  There was no mains electricity available so the charity provided a generator and maintains it, although diesel is very expensive.
    • Building of Primary School Block and Nursery School Block
  • Funding of some "community teachers" and assistants
  • Funding for teachers’ professional development
  • Supply of IT equipment and educational software
  • Toilets were installed and clean water provided to all three schools.
  • A primary school uniform fund helped needy families. The children wear uniform because when at home they have no clothes or shoes.
  • Refurbishment and painting of school buildings and classrooms
  • Installation of security bars at the Nursery School to stop villagers taking a short cut!
  • Replacement of solar equipment for power to the Computer Block
  • Construction and supply of desks and benches to Primary School
  • Emergency assistance to the school community during the Ebola Crisis i.e. supplementing food shortages and subsidising increased food costs
  • Donations to teachers and families affected by the Ebola Crisis including donations to families looking after Ebola orphans
Help us to continue!
  • Just £2 per month will buy a school uniform and shoes for 2 primary children (less than a cup of coffee in Starbucks)
  • £30 per year (for 6 years) will enable a secondary school student to buy uniform and books and complete their education. The charity has 56 promising students being sponsored at present but we need to add at least 10 each year.
  • Professional development for teachers by funding local workshops and use of our computer laboratory for teacher training. This is one of the greatest needs of the school - to retrain and update our staff.

We continue to need funding to support the schools. At Waterloo Schools Charity we strongly believe education is the key for a better and brighter future for the children of Sierra Leone.

On-going Projects

  • In the secondary school 6 year scholarships of £30 per annum are awarded to promising girls and boys, as at present only 23% of children go on to secondary level education due to lack of means
  • Dr. Laurie Read university bursaries - we are helping three young men and three young women fulfil their potential at universities and colleges in Sierra Leone
  • Supplying school teaching/ learning materials and equipment  to the Primary and Secondary Schools
  • New toys and learning materials for the Nursery School
  • Supply of additional desks and benches to the Primary School
  • New nursery tables and chairs
  • Roof repair and painting of Primary and Secondary school classrooms
  • Lunch subsidy for nursery school children
  • Staff salaries – teachers/security guards/librarian

The Nursery School

At the request of the village elders and the ministry of education and thanks to the Zoe Carss Educational Trust, we have built a new nursery school. This was designed with two classrooms and a barrie (verandah) at each end so that the little ones can be outside in all weathers.

Without nursery education the children have no English, the official language, when they enter primary school.

New pencils, exercise books for the students and security bars

The Primary School

There are 1018 pupils in primary education but classes are very crowded and there is constant pressure to accept more children as, at present, only 60% go to school. In 2006 a new primary classroom building with a teacher's office replaced a tarpaulin structure which had been in use since the war.

Repairing of the roof and new desks at The Primary School.

The Peninsula Secondary School

Generous donations from British & Foreign School Society, Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission together with fund raising events in Worcestershire have allowed us to build and equip large science, computer and home economics laboratories which are now in full use.  This is Phase 1 of a long term renovation and development of the secondary school.

Students by the well.

More Information?

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

More Information?

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1386 553891 or you can visit our website at for the latest information.