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Posted on May 2016

Thanks to your huge generosity, the sell out Quiz and Fish n’ chip supper at Dormston Village Hall on 8th April made a resounding £1,007 for the children of Waterloo Schools. Sincere thanks to all those who supported the event and made it such a fun evening. We had some fantastic raffle prizes and donations from friends who could not be there.

The Trustees recently received a post Ebola report from Kenneth Kromanty who is now our eyes and ears on the ground in Waterloo. You may already know the story of how he was a pupil of Laurie Read back in the 1960’s.

In his report Kenneth said:

After taking a close look at the school buildings and challenges as well as having discussions with the heads and the contractor Mr Augustine Moiba, what stood out clearly is that the Ebola epidemic which hit the country recently further compounded the already existing challenges the schools are facing. Thousands of the citizens died among whom are students and parents of both schools.

During this period the country virtually came to a standstill, the schools were closed, as well as some government offices and the economy took a downward spiral. Many lives were lost as a result of the Ebola virus as well as other diseases.

People had to make do with the little food they had to feed their families. Among those affected are the students attending these schools, as some were orphaned. The schools lost property and suffered damage as they were temporarily used by security, medical and non-governmental organizations to quarantine communities and treat affected patients.

In the Peninsula Secondary school twenty five students were orphaned. The wives of two teachers died and one of the husbands was infected by the virus. He luckily survived because he got prompt medical attention.

Pupils lost almost two school years due to the Ebola. As such there is a lot of catching up to do in their academic work. Some left the Waterloo township for relatively safe areas in the country as Waterloo (especially the outskirts of the town) was a hotspot for the virus.

So what can we do now?

We are currently refurbishing and replacing to an amount of £ 8,400 at the schools, including having 50 desks, out of a requirement of 100, made in Waterloo township. The Charity will continue to fund the 25 Charity scholarships currently in place, as well as continue to support Ebola victims.

Click here to see two wonderful letters from families who have benefitted from your help.

In addition three Dr. Read Bursaries will be awarded to students of the secondary school who are studying for degrees at Fourah Bay University, Freetown.

At Easter Neil Morland visited Sierra Leone and kindly took a commemorative plaque to the Peninsula Secondary School. The photograph below shows left to right Lamin Murray, school caretaker, Kenneth and Abigail Kromanty, Ibrahim Fornah, teacher, and Alfred Bangura, acting principal. We feel that it is fitting that Laurie’s name should be remembered in this way.

Fundraising is key to the future of this Charity and we need your help. You have made such a difference in your loyal support. Would you think about holding say a coffee morning or a fun run in your town to raise funds for Waterloo Schools Charity and help us to help the children? Please let us know any ideas that you may have.

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More Information?

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

More Information?

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1386 553891 or you can visit our website at for the latest information.